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Catch up with Amanda Summons from
Amanda Summons is a creative inspiration. Amanda is one of my oldest friends- we grew up together in Melbourne with our Mum's being great friends and we have continued the friendship for 29 years! Amanda is constantly  photographing all the beautiful things around her. Living & travelling to many interesting places around the world she has an absolutely incredible collection of photos! Today, we chat to her about her very special photography portrait series called The Ladies. 

I'm so excited to feature Amanda on our blog and share her story with you. Make sure you follow her journey on social media and if you are in London in the next couple of years, make sure to message her to catch up and maybe even be featured on The Ladies Collection. Enjoy x

Tell us a bit about yourself. What do you do for work? Where do you live? Pets?
I have just recently moved to London via Canberra with my partner and I’m originally from Melbourne. I am currently seeking out a job that can combine photography and graphic design while I find my feet as a freelancer. We wish we could have a little dog here in our top floor flat but alas, not even a balcony for fresh air! So instead, we are slowing filling up our bedroom with plants. I’m trying to connect with as many other young creatives in London as possible so as to help build a supportive network.

What artworks do you create?
I have a photography portrait series called The Ladies, which is driven by the desire to give each of the ladies in my life a chance to empower herself by stepping in front of my lens and by recording her written thoughts in the interviews about kindness, confidence and tiny elephants.

How and when did you start creating?
This project started when I was not feeling particularly challenged at work so I needed to create my own creative pursuit and the inspiration struck to profile those nearest and dearest to me in order to show them that their experience in life is so valid that it’s worthy of being art and in a book is a profound privilege. This is why I love Bright Young Things so much because it introduces me to so many other young female artists who are creating because they need to communicate with the world in a unique way.

What are your go to art tools?
My favourite gear is my Canon 6D with my 50mm 1.4 lens and I love using Lightroom to catalog and edit my photos. I use a few signature presets to maintain a consistent style across my work.

How does your artwork make you feel?
Energised. Reading the stories of the ladies gives me so much hope for the world we are all in. I think there is a tendency to be depressed about the world around us and that is definitely valid but there is so much goodness, especially in your own localised world. I’ve learnt so much about my favourite people through this project that I previously wouldn’t have been brave enough to ask.

Who, What & where inspires you and your artwork?
The women around me inspire me to live my life to the fullest. I am an extrovert who really recharges by being around amazing women who are living their best lives, especially other creative women. Being able to bounce ideas off someone is an unparalleled joy.

Who is your favourite famous artist or creative person?
Annie Leboitv is my favourite portrait photographer, especially with her series Women.

Do you have any podcast, tv shows or book recommendations?
Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert is the cheerleader we all need to get our creative juices running!

Name 3 of your favourite Instagram accounts. is a portrait project my former housemate introduced me to, featuring photos of women all over the world; @itschromatical for creative marketing advice on how to build your platform; and @lecindaward is my favourite photographer who shares the most real advice about having a small business and creating space for self-care.

What’s your favourite thing to do on the weekend when you have no plans?
Make some plans! If it is sunny, a day by the water is my favourite and if it’s rainy, it’s finally an excuse to curl up on the couch and never move again while binging watching a new TV show.


INSTAGRAM PERSONAL- @amandasummons
WEBSITE - Amanda Jane Summons


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